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We’d like to thank Past Local Artist Of the Week winners, The Boys N’ The Barrels for lending us some time to talk to Nick Rodriguez (Guitar & Vocals) about the trials and tribulations that make them who they are.

Make sure you check out The Boys N’ The Barrels who are performing at not only our Basilica Block Party but also Sound Town, Muskie Day Music Festival, Boats and Bluegrass and a host of other places around the Twin Cities.  Make sure you check out their Self Titled album but make sure you bring out your brown jug, spoons and washboard when you see them live.

1. Where did the name “The Boys N’ The Barrels” come from?
Back when Trav (Banjo picker and Vocals) and I jammed in the basement or at house parties we’d call ourselves The Whiskey Boys. When we started adding more folks to the group we felt it was time for a new name. The name we came up with was The Whiskey Boys and The Bourbon Barrels…which is way too long so we cut it down to it’s current form.

2. What is one thing you want your fan base to know about you?
We absolutely love it when we see people get down to our music. That energy feeds us while we’re on stage and it drives us to perform even better. We appreciate the boogie and we salute you!
3. What would you say to the local music fans that have yet to dabble in The Boys N’ The Barrels?
Don’t let a acoustic instruments fool you, this ain’t your daddy’s Bluegrass.

4. Where do you draw inspiration for your songs?
We all write based on our life’s experiences. we all have our own way of interpreting life and that bring out a lot of material on it’s own.

5. Do you have a pre-show routine? If so, what does it entail?
This usually includes shots and as much picking as we need to get us warmed up. (and the occasional Sushi feast)

6. You guys have played a lot of music festivals already in your young career.  What would be your dream festival to play and why?
First off, i got to say that Boat and Bluegrass is our favorite festival to play at. it’s like a home coming for everyone and there’s never a shortage of some kind of jam circle. That being said, i have to say the hitting Telluride Bluegrass Festival would be a dream of mine.

7. Who came up with the idea to use the Washboard in the band?  Was it ever even up for discussion or did it just happen?
Mike (and his washboard) was the third member of the band after Travis and myself. we never played with a washboard player at that time and we knew Mike as a drummer for a different band so it was kind of natural to go with the washboard.

8. If you knew it or not, you were one of our past Local Artists of the Week.  What does it mean to you to have your ‘home town’ support you?
We love it! We appreciate the support and hope to grow on it as long as we can continue to produce good music for you folks. Thank you!

Rapid Fire Questions

1. For those who dig The Boys N’ The Barrels, they might also like __________?
San Souci Quartet. (great guys, also what i’m listening to at the moment)

2. Where are you most likely grabbing late-night grub after a show?
Taco Bell….guilty pleasure.

3. Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook….? i have yet to twitter (although the band does of a twitter account)

4. Beer or Liquor?
Beer…and then Whiskey

5. Bus, Bike or car?
Van. she’s awesome.

6. Celebrity you’d like to go on a date with?
Sarah Jarosz

7. Favorite venue to play in Minneapolis?
I love the 331, but the Cabooze is always a good time

8. Do you have a day job?  If so, what do you do?
I repair Industrial Ink Jet Printers.

9. Minneapolis or St. Paul?